Bodacious celeb is reality-challenged

There was a time Disillusioned Friend would defend Bodacious Celeb against bashers.

Until first-hand experience showed DF that the haters were right all along.

In spite of the naysayers, DF teamed up with BC for a promising venture.

From the get-go, BC proved to be a humongous headache, though. BC kept dishing out all sorts of tall tales, relentlessly badmouthing and sabotaging DF’s project.

Finally, DF realized that BC is reality-challenged—a euphemism for a certified weaver of lies.

File under D: For Decepticon.

Gatecrasher anonymous
Years back, Cantankerous Actress befriended Industry Insider in order to get close to Visiting Hunk.
After getting through the cordo…

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