PTV, NEC lauded for Emergency Warning Broadcast System

DAVAO CITY – Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar lauded the partnership of the Philippine government’s PTV, Japan’s NEC, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) and Data-casting System project.

EWBS and the Data-casting System are two Japanese technology that will boost real-time reporting of an impending emergency or disaster. EWBS is a remote activation system for radio and TV while data-casting is a system of updates on the weather, the movement of storms, floods, landslides, traffic, and grid-lock road conditions.

“We have arrived at a most exciting and important stage in our broadcast world,” Andanar said as he recalled that bringing the digital terrestrial service to the Philippines was just a dream even before he joined government.

He recalled how he was amazed at NHK’s real-time coverage and continued broadcasting of the 2011 tsunami in Japan following a strong earthquake.

That is why when he joined the government, Andanar stressed he made sure to visit Japan and observed the operation of NHK Television Corporation to learn and possibly adopt the emergency broadcasting technology.

An emergency alert system is shown, which is meant for broadcasting official disaster warning messages.

“Today, we demonstrate our digital terrestrial service, with the application of the EWBS,” he said in his speech during the NEC’s demo of the system at the Marco Polo Hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

The system would boost the broadcast system of PTV and the Radyo Pilipinas.

“We now have a reliable broadcast system which can directly inform and guide the viewing, and listening public of any impending risks and emergencies affecting localities,” Andanar emphasized.

Andanar explained that the system is a broadcast warning before a disaster occurs. It visualizes the impact and the extensive effect of receiving on TV and radio. He stressed on the system’s importance especially that the country is situated within the ring of fire with the tectonic movements crawling through fault lines throughout cities, towns and islands.

Also, Andanar said the country’s eastern seaboard faces the typhoon and storm surge highway. There are also the active volcanoes, heavy rainfall that causes flood and landslide.

He said the early warning broadcast system can mitigate the consequences of the natural occurrences and help reduce risks, panic and disorder.

He said it is an advance signal of a predictable natural calamity or emergency situation, giving sufficient time for the communities to prepare, evacuate if necessary. This also gives communities to undertake all other safety measures, prevent damage to property, injuries and loss of lives.

He lauded the demonstration of the system as it shows how EWBS is used and the data-casting features. Both can cover large and specific areas, depending on the parameters of the impending danger.

Davao City has been chosen for the demo of the system because of its disaster preparedness and the availability of the all-modern Central 911 facility.

For the demo, three areas were chosen – the coastal area of Barangay 76-A, Central 911, and the City Hall.

Andanar said he intends to make the system integral to every locality. (PNA)

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