Beautiful ‘MI’ stars

ALTHOUGH Rotten Tomatoes and I don’t always agree on movie ratings, we are in agreement that “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” deserves five stars. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do. And no, it’s not just because Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill are on the same screen!

The movie has a great cast, including four actresses whom I’ve always found both talented and effortlessly beautiful:

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca’s amazing bone structure doesn’t really need much makeup at all. As she lives in a Swedish fishing village, it’s no surprise she likes keeping her routine simple. She eats a lot of fish, avoids dairy, and regularly lifts weights and does Pilates. I could not find many details on her skin care, except she’s only recently switched up from relying just on organic coconut oil to including toner and other steps in her routine.

Angela Bassett

Compared to her strict character in the movie, Angela showed the fun and vibrant side of herself at the movie’s Parisian premiere. Instead of her character’s close pixie cut, she wore her hair naturally at the premiere and her sparkly, cleavage-baring jumpsuit was a far cry from the dark business suits she wore in the movie. The actress turns 60 this month, but keeps her skin even and radiant with regular exercise, eating lean, and using coconut oil.

Vanessa Kirby

I first saw Vanessa as Princess Margaret on “The Crown,” where she has dark hair for the royal she plays. In “Fallout” she sports her natural blonde hair in a “lob” (long bob) that of course stays shiny and bouncy even during and after a fight scene. The almost-platinum shade contrasts nicely with her purposely bold brows, long lashes, and black liner. While Vanessa is always in red lipstick on “The Crown,” she doesn’t wear much color on her face at all in this movie.

Michelle Monaghan

At the Paris premiere of the movie, Michelle was wearing a ruffled dress in a periwinkle blue. To balance out the volume and color of her dress, her hair and makeup were super simple: just a sleek, low bun with a middle part, a thin streak of black eyeliner, and fuchsia lipstick to pop against the light blue.

Source: Ph Local

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