Generika introduces ‘MEDPadala’

WHEN it comes to one’s health, prevention is more affordable than the cure. So one should try to stay healthy and keep his family healthy as well. He should also make sure he puts aside a part of his budget for vitamins and medicine for his family every month.

To make sure that the “health” budget for the family will not be used for other things, Generika Drugstore introduces MEDPadala. It is an electronic gift certificate that can be sent to family and relatives to purchase medicine, whether for maintenance or for emergency. This is perfect for overseas Filipino workers or family members living and working far away from their families because MEDPadala can be redeemed to purchase medicine and other health-related products at any of the over 760 Generika Drugstore branches nationwide.

Here are three simple steps on availing of this service:

Buy a MEDPadala electronic gift certificate at any Generika Drugstore branch or at Send via text or email the Code and PIN that you have received to your family or relatives. Use the Code and PIN to buy their medicines at any Generika Drugstore Branch.

MEDPadala is a pioneering plus from Generika Drugstore to bring quality, affordable generic medicine for Filipinos’ health and wellness, together with Generika Drugstore’s wide range of services for customers such as the Libreng Konsulta, Gamot Guide, Free Blood Pressure Monitoring and more. PR

Source: Ph Local

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